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A visual feast of a new musical

performed in voice & 

American Sign Language

Concept, Book & Lyrics by Anita Riggio

Music by Sila Shaman

Brindlebeast is a visual feast of a contemporary musical. Blending spoken language with American Sign Language (ASL) in two acts, this seven character musical explores the premise that everyone has a beast and the way one confronts that beast defines the quality of a person's life. The protagonist's quest is everyone's quest: to confront the inner beast in order to love and be loved.


It’s a love story between a hearing illustrator and a Deaf, single mom. It’s the chronicle of the creative process of turning a personal, emotional journey into story and pictures. 


Like Next to NormalCome From Away, and Once, Brindlebeast's intimate, boundary-breaking, story is brought to life by a small cast.        


Brindlebeast is ready for its world premiere!


                 Inquiries welcome!




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